Anthology Kroad, 375 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Come for a drink; stay for the music.

Karangahape Road’s freshest bar, Anthology Lounge, is where music meets craft cocktails and luscious wine… but what does a night out look like there? (Plus, check out our take on the classic cocktail, the Manhattan, below)

It starts at the top.

Positioned next to Cotto is a stairway – we aim to entice you into our lair with gentle neon lights, and the promise of the best cocktails this side of K Rd. Hell, the best cocktails in the CBD. Whether you are looking for a refuge at 2.00am from drunken hordes, or searching for the perfect gig to kickstart your night, Anthology provides.


Downstairs you’ll stumble on somewhere intimate. Rock gods adorn the walls – original shots from Robert M. Knight and Maryanne Bilham. But this is bar manager Aaron’s baby. Anthology is a space of his creation – fit with drinks he wanted to bring to Auckland.

A happy collision of ideas, ripe for Karangahape Road


There is a collision of ideas happening at Anthology. Part bespoke drinks, part rowdy live gigs. T-shirts, tattoos, and tarted up sours collide happily here. A craft cocktail bar, without the bullshit. For Jaydn, your hostess at Anthology, the bar represents a moment of maturity for Auckand. For Aaron, the bar manager, Anthology is an intimate space, where the vibes are low-key, but the energy is palpable. His goal is for you to meet New Zealand’s best live acts with some of the world’s best wines or cocktails in hand. Bartender Dan wants you to let your guard down – this is entertainment at its most intimate. For him, Anthology represents a craft cocktail and wine bar without the preciousness, or pretension.


We offer somewhere safe, a haven from the city storm. Something special beneath the road. An underground jazz and music cocktail bar, overlooking (but insulated from) the infamous Spaghetti Junction. At Anthology it’s all peace. We offer a refuge from the fast world of Auckland, and invite you to slow down, listen to the music, and head on a sensory journey through the world of fine drinks.


And why K Rd? Ponsonby is too chic and too slick, we thought. K Rd, with its array of bars and restaurants including new fan favourites like Cotto, and old staples like Whammy, is the most alive place in Auckland, Wednesday through to Saturday. Anthology joins K Rd on that mission – to offer the best live music venues possible for Aucklanders.

What should you drink at Anthology?


The question on everyone’s lips. When you reach Anthology, what should you drink? We believe that the best bases make the best drinks (and we source only the best spirits and liqueurs from around the world). Really though, the drink is up to you. At Anthology there is something for everyone. In addition to top shelf liquor, we have an extensive wine list. It features rare cuts, natural wines, and excellent independant vineyards – good stuff you won’t find in your local supermarket. In addition we have international craft beer – Lagunitas.


Anthology is for you, and each drink is individual, unique and wholly yours.


Do you like sweet drinks? Sour? Boozy? Short and fresh drinks, or long sippers to wind down with? Tart white wines, or robust reds? For bartender Jesse, just tell him what your favourite candy is – from there he’ll sort you out.


We have a modern approach to cocktails, where New Zealand’s fresh flavours meet foreign liquors. We aim to craft cocktails without pretension; good drinks without the theatricality.  And since we use only the best of the world’s spirits, opting for a classic – such as a Manhattan – is no bad call.


Read our take on the Manhattan cocktail below – we spice it with Sazerac Rye to give it a rounded, sharp kick, and use Cocchi Vermouth di Torino vermouth for its sweet, nutty, citrus body. This version has a forward spice, and an elegant, fresh finish. As the drink warms up the sweetness intensifies, and you finish with smooth walnut flavours, and a bright Maraschino cherry.


The Manhattan (according to Anthology):


2 parts Sazerac Rye

1 part Cocchi Vermouth di Torino

2 to 3 dashes Angostura Bitters

A dash of Luxardo Maraschino Cherry for sweetness

To garnish: Maraschino Cherry


Stirred over ice, strained into a martini glass. Garnish with the cherry. Enjoy (then have another).


Come to Anthology to enjoy this classic cocktail, or something unique from our wine today. You won’t regret it.