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Our top 5 favourite liquors at Anthology

The best drinks begin with the best spirits and liqueurs. It isn’t enough to want to craft a beverage that is enjoyable – at Anthology we understand that through using the world’s most renowned spirits and liqueurs we can take you beyond, on a sensory journey. Plus, you’ll get buzzed.

We select our spirits for their history, their taste, and their quality. Coming to Anthology means you can expect we’ll be serving you delicious cocktails – and that starts with a delicious bases and complex flavours. In this top 5 you’ll find something flirty, something bold and, hopefully, something surprising, just in time for your next cocktail at Anthology.

Grand Marnier

A hip-hop classic, that deserves to be on every good bartender’s shelf.

Grand Marnier is pure pleasure – richly spiced cognac meets syrupy, bittered orange.

The drink has a long history. Distilled in France since 1880, it has since become a worldwide favourite in the orange liqueur class. The key to Grand Marnier success lies in its diversity – from boozy sangrias through to cosmopolitans, Grand Marnier is versatile beyond belief.

Gin Mare

Savoury, herbaceous, citric.

Gin Mare is an absolutely stunning expression of the old juniper classic. Detailed, complex notes of olive, rosemary and thyme and stated on the nose – but refined in the glass. Distilled in Barcelona, Gin Mare takes you beyond the standard floral juniper bloom, to somewhere more exotic.

Best served with a excellent tonic, a twist of lemon, a sprig of rosemary. This is summer in a glass.

Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva

The best rums are sippers.

What happens when you take the highest quality Venezuelan molasses and age for 12 years in oak casks? You get one of the world’s most awarded rums. With toffee and vanilla syrup on the nose yielding to a buttery, rounded body, Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva excels neat, or over ice.

Yet this rum retains versatility – whether you replace the whiskey in an Old Fashioned, to luxing up a sour, this rum can handle it. This one is a dangerous saint – easy to spot on the shelves in it’s elegant green bottle, and even easier to drink.

Sazerac Rye

Rye whiskey – America’s forgotten whiskey tradition – begins here.

Those familiar with bourbon will see some similarities. Saz is sweet and rounded, with a lingering finish. Sazerac Rye is hardly a shy drink; rye content gives it a signature spice and punch. Learn the drink, however, and you can tame it – Saz makes an excellent substitute for bourbon in classic American cocktails.

Sazerac Rye is a New Orleans original – and is named after the famous Sazerac cocktail. While the Sazerac originally used cognac, replacing it with a rye livens the drink.

Amaro Montenegro
Bitter, balanced, beautiful

Amaro Montenegro is classically known as an after-dinner digestif. It is distilled from a proprietary recipe of over 40 botanicals, including vanilla and orange peels. The drink is an exercise in contrasts: herbaceous, woody bitter notes meet a syrupy sweet richness, that is almost balsamic. While the whole class of Italian bitters are excellent, Amaro Montenegro stands out to us for its unique, complex character.

Amaro Montenegro can be dressed up as a minor player in cocktails, offering body and boldness to augment other fine spirits, or can be sipped on its own with a few cubes of ice.

Try these exceptional spirits and liqueurs next time you go out for cocktails, at Anthology.