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Top 5 Wines Anthology

Why does Anthology Lounge pick the wines that we do? It’s because we are focused on three things – quality, speciality and difference.


Our wines are selected first for their quality – and that is not just limited to our special Top 5 below. Our wines across the board represent the finest wines distributed in New Zealand – outstanding examples of vineyards, or class-leaders in their style.


Anthology’s wines are special too. They represent a cross-section of some of the world’s best natural and organic wines, or are exclusive small runs from notable vineyards. Or they are special because of their commitment to a tradition of winemaking. For example, the Mahana “Blood Moon” Pinot Gris embodies the traditional French craft behind pinot gris.


Lastly, our wine selection at Anthology is committed to offering something different. These are wines that you won’t get at the supermarket; wines that are unique, different and special. Like you. We believe Anthology is a bit different also – and that is why we have crafted our wine list this way.


Ultimately our wine list is an illustration of who we are, and what we love – good, quality drinks. Read our Top 5 Wines below, and come along to Anthology Lounge to try them.


  1. Crown Range Cellar, FAME, Methode Traditionelle

Not your Mum’s Lindauer.


FAME will tease you with its bright effervescence, and pull you in with its lingering citrus textures.


FAME is a Chardonnay-dominant sparkling wine, with Pinot Noir grapes to accent and add complexity. Yeast brioche flavours (from the wine’s extended rest on lees), creamy baked apple, with a bright acidity make this an excellent drinking bubbles. FAME owns it – this is a complex but playful sparkling wine.


There is a balance in FAME. Its has a bright fruity profile, but lingers far longer on the palate than you would expect.


  1. Crown Range Cellar China Girl Pinot Noir 2016

An outstanding testament Otago’s aptitude for Pinot Noir.


Deep purple hues yield rich blackberry notes up front, with lingering vanilla and earth flavours, in Crown Range Cellar’s excellent Pinot Noir.


China Girl is produced in the depths of Central Otago, from grapes situated in well-drained terraced gravel. It is an excellent example of Otago’s flair for Pinot Noir – and its name China Girl, contributes to this history. Named in honour the hardworking spirit of the Chinese miners of Otago, circa New Zealand’s Gold Rush era, this Pinot Noir carries these workers’ legacy.


Red fruits yield to a medium body. Lingering acidity pairs with finely structured tannins – this is a wine ripe for drinking, that also calls for cellaring for several years.


  1. Mahana “Blood Moon” Pinot Gris

Coppery and full. A brave Pinot Gris.


This, in Anthology’s (humble) opinion, is Mahana winemaker Michael Glover’s pièce de résistance. It’s a gripping Pinot Gris, coloured copper from the grape skins. Blood Moon is a spice-forward pinot, with an overtly floral nose and a rounded, full pear body.


Pinot Gris as a style is often focused entirely on subtleties, but this Pinot Gris has grip and texture, aided through gentle, fine astringency. Not a Pinot Gris for the faint-hearted, but for those who are searching for a white (or orange wine, in this case) with attitude.


There is a lot going for Mahana’s Blood Moon. It is an organically certified wine, that displays commitment to the long-standing French tradition of Pinot Gris making – representing a happy collision where tradition meets new best practice in winemaking.


  1. Puriri Hills Estate 2012:

A rich and concentrated red, with a gentle soul.


Puriri Hills Estate represents the softer and gentler end of the Bordeaux-style spectrum, a red wine with gentle soul.


A plum forward nose and ripe red fruits on the present themselves up front, before the wine reveals a deeper complexity with savoury, herbaceous nuance. Fine grained tannins give this wine gentle structure, and a lingering finish.


Puriri Hills Estate 2012 is a gently structured wine, ideal for Auckland’s blustery spring.


  1. Supernatural “Green Glow” Sauvignon Blanc

A zesty spirited wine with a sustainable credentials.


Green Glow is a  100% skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc, farmed organically and vinified naturally, from Hawkes Bay. Green Glow is unashamedly a Sav Blanc, and it leans right into the stone fruit aromas and citric acidity. The difference for Green Glow is the depth of these flavours – full stone fruit on the nose gives way to a heavy, citrus mouthfeel.


As a wine, Supernatural’s Green Glow is crafted with respect to great terroir, a focus on purity, and old world farming tradition. Yet this is a modern wine for our ages – zesty, bright, with a surprisingly creamy mouthfeel.